Why I Hate Talking About Medium Over Thanksgiving Dinner

My mom blew my cover.

Photo by Askar Abayev from Pexels

Fair warning: this is going to be a bit of a rant.

Which apparently makes for good writing, every now and again.

At Thanksgiving dinner this year, we went to my aunt’s place. My parents, siblings, two sets of cousins, and three of my dad's siblings were there.

Basically, lots of people.

We got to talking about jobs and such, and I told them about my nine-to-six in marketing. It’s a good job with good benefits, so I plan to keep rockin’ and rollin’ with it for a while.

Anyway, it was at that point in the conversation when my mom jumped in and said, “She also writes online for Media.”

Yes, Media. She didn’t even pronounce it right.

Medium,” I corrected.

I could feel my face heat up because now everyone’s eyes were on me.

So how do I go about telling my half-radical-left family that I write controversial opinions on sex, love, and dating?

“I mostly write about relationships,” I said.

I also write about how porn ruins relationships, how “rape culture” isn’t men’s fault, and how “sexual liberation” and promiscuity are extremely harmful — especially for young women. I write about why prenups are planning for failure, why it’s okay to not find all women attractive, and why most men aren’t actually “intimidated” by women’s careers.

In a nutshell, I write about a lot of shit that pisses people off.

But I didn’t say any of that.

People do actually read and engage with my stuff. For a fairly new writer, I do pretty well. But I didn’t talk about my follower count or how much I make. For all my family knows (or cares) I make just enough to buy myself a nice cup of coffee. And that’s alright by me.

I tried to weasel my way out of the conversation but my mom continued, “Tell them about your articles. What was your most popular one?”

I wanted to scream.

Well, technically, my most “viral” piece (also my most lucrative thus far) was on how women lose their value in the dating market as they get older, so they shouldn’t waste their youth sleeping around and living it up if they want to find a husband someday.

But if I had said that, I might have garnered more than one death glare from around the table.

So instead, I shared a bit about one of my still-popular but less controversial pieces titled, “Your Dating Preferences Are Discriminatory.”

Of course, my dad chimed in, “it’s basically about how men prefer their girlfriends not to have a penis.”

Just like that.

(I know where I get my crude sense of humor from.)

That piece was about why people’s dating preferences are not bigoted, racist, or discriminatory after all. That article has been my #1 earner for the month of November. (Still, I wasn’t sure if even explained the idea properly while I was in the hot seat.)

I guess, one part of the conversation that didn’t go horribly was when I mentioned that people think I’m secretly a 50-year-old man posing as a young woman. (Which I find hilarious, btw.)

If you were curious, I’m an early 20-something-year-old from New York City. I’m a woman. Half South Asian, half Hispanic. I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and have friends from all walks of life.

According to that demographic, I’m supposed to be a pro-abortion, liberal feminist who wants to crush the patriarchy and free the nipple and whatever else is trending on Twitter these days.

Instead, I am a moderate-to-conservative writer who advocates against much of what modern society claims will lead women to true happiness and fulfillment.

I’m in the minority and I know it.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t write just to piss people off. I write to inspire people to think — to have an original thought outside of what we’re being spoonfed by TikTok, Instagram, and the rest of the media.

I’ve only shared some of my articles with a few close female friends, my immediate family, and my boyfriend who gets an email every time I publish.

Only one of my former co-workers knows about it because she was the one who introduced me to Medium in the first place. (I’m sure she gets low-key offended every now and again, but she has thicker skin than most people I know.)

So, long story short, I hate talking about Medium in large settings.

Family, co-workers, large gatherings, and big groups of friends absolutely don’t need to know what I really think about their promiscuous lifestyles or poor dating choices.

Unless of course, they ask.

If someone genuinely wants my advice, I am honest. But if nobody asks, I don’t feel the need to insert my opinions unnecessarily. So instead of picking fights with everyone, I just write my thoughts online and hope that it inspires someone, somewhere, to think or choose differently.

And apparently, my readers really enjoy that.

Anyway, at our next big-family gathering (possibly Christmas) I will not be talking about Medium.

Hopefully, no one else blows my cover.





I said what I said. Counter-cultural opinions on sex, love, and dating.

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