PSA for Men on Dating Apps: Let A Woman Take Your Photo

Young men on dating apps get this wrong — and it’s hilarious.

Ariana E.


Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

I have one question for young (20-something) men on dating apps.

Do you have no one to take your photo?

A friend, perhaps? Your sister? Your mom?

Too many men are completely incapable of taking good pictures of themselves.

Here are 5 woman-repelling types of pictures that you’ll find way too often on dating apps.

The bad-angle selfie

No woman wants to see so far into your nostrils that we might see your brain. We also don’t want to see your forehead taking up two-thirds of the frame.

If you are going to take a selfie, at least try to use a neutral, true-to-life angle.

The toilet in the background pic

Need I say more?

Too many bathroom-mirror-pics where an open and often dirty toilet is photobombing in the background.

Not a good look, fellas.

The gym pic

The bicep curl. The shirtless flex. The headphones-in, arms bulging, I-clearly-work-out-and-I’m-buff pic.

Other guys might think this is what women want to see, but most women find this type of picture kind of douche-y.

By all means, go to the gym and stay fit — but stay humble.

Humility is still sexy.

The “funny face” pic

Nobody wants to see your tongue, or double-chin, or serial-killer stare.

Do you honestly think women see a picture of your face scrunched up and your tongue out and think, “Wow, he seems like a hardworking, reliable, smart, great guy to date!”

If you’re older than 14 and still posting silly selfies publically…I don’t know what to tell you.

The bro pic

The pic with 4 or more guys all standing around together with their arms over each other’s shoulders.



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