Men Don’t Care About How Much Money Women Make

If he’s not into you, it’s not because he’s “intimidated by your career.”

Ariana E.


Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Financially successful women in their late 30s and 40s often struggle in the dating scene.

Although some women deeply desire a life partner, many just can’t seem to find someone to settle down with long-term.

A common argument as to why this might be is because men are “intimidated by their careers.”

Men feel inferior if a woman makes more money than they do.

Their egos can’t handle it. It makes them question their self-worth and manhood if they can’t provide financially. Men need to be the breadwinners in order to feel a sense of purpose in their lives.


Well, maybe not.

There are many ways in which a man can provide for a woman.

“Providing” for someone doesn’t strictly involve finances.

Men can provide emotional or intellectual support. They can provide help with day-to-day life, like chores, cooking, or fixing things around the house. They can provide…



Ariana E.

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