Is Modern Feminism The Best Thing To Happen To Men?

The case for feminism and where it all went wrong.

Ariana E.
4 min readMar 28, 2022


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I recently heard a man claim, “Modern feminism is the best thing that has happened to men.”

I was surprised, to say the least.

His argument was that modern feminism has either made it easier for men to access women or significantly harder for men to access women.

The first camp is the “Chads” and “Tyrones” of the world. They’re getting all the commitment-free sex they want.

The second camp is the “average Joes.” They’re the 90% of men who are invisible to women. But this works in their favor, too, because it forces them to get out into the world and better themselves.

This argument got me thinking.

Does feminism actually benefit men?

The case for feminism…

If it weren’t for traditional feminism, I wouldn’t be writing on this platform.

I wouldn’t have a bachelor’s degree or my own credit card. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to pursue any career I want, to own property, to marry who I want (or if I want to get married at all).

As a woman myself, I can appreciate the traditional feminist sentiment of affording both men and women certain rights and dignities.

The shifts that took place in society decades ago have allowed women to exist as individuals (apart from a husband or father) in order to comfortably live in our world.

The demands of traditional feminism — to value women as equally important contributors in society — have improved the lives of women and men alike.

Whether it be in the context of voting rights, education, finances, marital expectations, or career opportunities, traditional feminism has enabled women to use their talents and intellect to improve our world in meaningful ways.

This benefits everyone.

Where it all went wrong…

Modern feminism is another story.



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