Get Married Young and Have More Kids Than You Can Afford

And other life advice that the media hates.

Ariana E.
4 min readAug 8, 2022


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Tucker Carlson recently came under fire for his life advice to young men.

He encouraged young men to live their lives, stop waiting around, and take action towards making things happen.

Some of this advice involved things like “dropping out of college” and “getting married young” (which, naturally, many people weren’t too happy about).

But some of his words also made a lot of sense.

If you spend your life waiting, when do you start living?

Some of us spend our lives waiting for the perfect circumstances. With so many options for what we could do at any given stage of life, we tend to fall into the paradox of choice.

Do I go to school? For what? For how long? Which job do I apply for? Which job do I take? Where do I live? Who do I date? Do I get married? Do I have kids? When, where, and how many?

We can drive ourselves crazy going in circles trying to map everything out to a T.

But where in all of that do we actually enjoy our lives, make memories, and live out our youth to the fullest?

I’ll be honest — I don’t hate Tucker Carlson’s advice.

He says, “People overthink it. If you’re compatible with someone and you can smell that, you can make it work. By the way, it’s never easy because men and women don’t fundamentally understand each other. That’s the whole point in it. That’s why marriage makes you grow; it’s because you’d really understand the other person, so you have to try every day to decipher what they’re saying. Have more children than you can afford. Take a job you’re not qualified for. Like, go balls out!”

This sort of mentality comes across as reckless and irresponsible — at first.

But when you take a deeper dive, there’s actually a lot of truth in it.

Marriage is never going to be easy, no matter how “compatible” you think you are. Nobody is ever 100% “ready” to have children. If you never take risks in your career, you’ll never make substantial…



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