Everything Wrong With The Feminist Response To “Rape Culture”

If you truly want to prevent rape, you should care about these issues.

Ariana E.


Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Modern feminist logic is this:

Hey ladies — be sexually liberated!

Your body, your choice. Sex has nothing to do with love or reproduction — it is just meant for your enjoyment. Make porn. Masturbate. Post nudes and make money on OnlyFans. Have as much casual sex as you want. Wear as little clothing as you please.

Hey men — stop treating us like sex objects!

Stop using us for sex. Stop judging us for our bodies. Stop ogling and harassing us in the streets. Stop using our bodies to live out your pornographic fantasies. Stop sexualizing us.

Oh, and this one is important — don’t rape!

It goes without saying — rape is a heinous crime.

Rape is a criminal offense and rapists should be held to the fullest extent of the law.

Sexual assault negatively impacts people in ways that other forms of physical assault do not. While physical assault is a violation of one’s body, sexual assault is also a violation of one’s soul.

This is woefully apparent is the emotional trauma that rape victims experience (whether or not that rape was violent). The unique hardship endured by victims of sexual abuse only increases the urgency for us to advocate against it.

However, encouraging women to be more promiscuous does absolutely nothing to prevent rape.

In a culture that increasingly encourages promiscuity instead of respect for our bodies and the bodies of others, no wonder sexual violence is a continuous problem.

That is the hypocrisy of the modern feminist movement when it comes to creating a culture and society where rape and sexual assault are less pervasive.

If you are truly against rape, you should also be against industries that fuel rape and human trafficking.



Ariana E.

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