Dating These Days Is Just Glorified Prostitution

Modern dating has become transactional — and it’s ridiculous.

Ariana E.


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I recently came across a podcast where a man asks a group of women what he should do to “get laid on the first date.”

He doesn’t want to waste his precious time giving a woman attention indefinitely or spend his money on her when she won’t even “put out” at the end of the evening.

This got me thinking.

Is dating today just glorified prostitution?

Back in the day, the purpose of dating was to find a spouse.

Seriously. Dating was meant to find someone to marry, build a family with, and love for the rest of your life. It was never about convenient sex without consequences, a free 5-star meal, or getting validation from the opposite gender.

But these days, young people seem to only date for the wrong reasons.

Ladies are dating for the sake of getting cash and prizes in exchange for their company and sexual favors.

Men are dating for the sake of getting laid in exchange for their time, attention, and financial support.

Here’s what it comes down to — money for sex.

Women want access to a man’s financial assets, and men want access to women’s bodies.

Modern dating has become transactional.

For too many young people, dating isn’t about finding love or finding a life partner anymore. It’s about entertainment, validation, or use — and nobody is really happy about it.

At best, they just pretend to be.

This transactional form of dating leads both men and women to feel both entitled and massively disappointed.

Women often feel entitled to a man’s time, attention, and money. If a guy doesn’t pay for expensive dinners or treat her to lavish vacations, he’s not “high-quality-man” enough for her. If he doesn’t pursue her, give her attention, or text her or call often enough for her liking, he isn’t putting in the effort.



Ariana E.

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